GIF Animation

Animation from Movie
Converts movies into animation clips. Making animation never been so easy. Just load a movie (in avi......
Caricature Software
Animation GIF Wizard
Excellent tool to easily create animated GIF banners.
Sprite Builder
Used to combine separate images.

GIF Animation

GIFmation creates animation using gif images with a different animation concept.
BoxTop Software
Institute of Animation - Facial Animation Toolset
Facial Animation Toolset features a Frapper based stand-alone application.
Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction
Screen Capture to Animation GIF
Capture Screen Activity to a very small Animation GIF file.
Longtion GIF Animator
Create or edit a GIF animation for your website.
Longtion Software
GIF Construction Set Professional
Build instant animations.
Alchemy Mindworks
Animation program with a mission.
Toon Boom Animation Inc.
Animation- Simple
Animation- Simple, is a Simple animation example with KeyFrame.
Sven Drieling
Easily create your own animation on paper and transparency.
GIF to LED Animation Screensaver Maker
GIF to LED Animation Screensaver Maker is Easy-to-use freeware tool.
FoxArc Software
Image to GIF animation
Generates an animated GIF file from a series of static image files.
East Wind SoftWare

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GIF Animation

VeryDOC Flash to GIF Animation Converter
With this program, you can convert flashes to GIF animation files. Company
VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter
Video to GIF Animation Converter can convert video to animated GIF format files. Company
Watermark Software. All Rights Reserved.
Gamedev Animation Studio
Simple sprite animation tool.
Patagames Software
Freemore Video to GIF Converter
It can convert video files to GIF animation.
FreeMoreSoft, Inc.
Animated sprite editor and pixel art tool.
David Capello
CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline
App that allows you to create 2D animations.
Reallusion Inc.
Toon Boom Harmony Premium
Easy-to-use animation utility for studios.
Toon Boom Animation Inc.
EasyAnimatorPro program lets you animate multiple images with a few clicks.
Open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software.
DWANGO Co., Ltd.